About Andrés Ortiz | ZITRO
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Andrés Ortiz ZITRO

About me.

Hi, my name is Andrés, also know as Zitro. I’m a Graphic Designer from the Universidad de Los Andes, Merida-Venezuela. As a designer i’ve been developed my experience with branding process, always looking for a differential vision in a world with a tons of products in a growing market. I have also experimented working with photography, art direction, advertising, visual identity of local products, social media content and strategies, everything with a fusion between modern design that communicate effectively but always with a high quality.


As visual communicators we have the skills to change the world for a better one, where everything can communicate something and it will have sense for anybody and make to keep in touch constantly. My way to see the world is 2D, I design with geometric shapes and have a lot of fun creating with them potential messages that can communicate big ideas for our society.